Friday, September 19, 2008

Google Chrome

As most of you probably know, a couple weeks ago Google announced the release of their new browser: Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is a web browser built with open source, and was released via a comic on September 2nd in 43 languages. It was developed with the goals of improving security, speed, and stability over current existing browsers. Tests performed by Google have shown that Chrome is about twice as fast as Firefox and Safari. The user interface is also completely different from any existing browser.

One of the coolest features of Chrome is the “Omnibox” which combines the functionalities of a URL and search box. When you type something in Chrome automatically comes up with other search suggestions, with the search volume included. Applications like this will allow chrome to make SEO and SEO/PR much easier for Boston Interactive Agencies.

So far, Google Chrome has been well received, although its future sustainability is still to be determined. However, the implications it has for Boston Interactive and Digital Agencies and also web developers are great, as many of the new applications help to make their jobs much easier.

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