Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stumble Upon

StumbleUpon is another Web 2.0 tool much like Digg, however, it allows for more user interaction. When creating an account a user is able to browse different categories of interest and choose which are most relevant. Once the toolbar is downloaded, users are able to “stumble” around the internet freely by clicking the Stumble! button, much like channel surfing. Users are then given websites based on topics that best match their interests, as well as sites that hold high ratings from previous users, that they can then rate themselves by giving the site a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.

The benefits to Boston Public Relations Firms are very similar to those I mentioned in the Digg post yesterday. Additionally, because StumbleUpon users are getting search results that stem from topics of interest, companies are given a hand in locating customers and target markets in order to get a boost in site traffic. Just like with Digg, the more times a Boston Advertising Agency can get their name, or names of clients, out in the internet the higher the traffic volume back to the company’s site will be, and the more likely customers will be to purchase that company’s product or service.

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