Monday, September 15, 2008

The New Facebook

I mentioned Facebook in my last post as a great social networking tool for companies to reach a very targeted audience. Last week Facebook changed the layout of their site for good, and while some users may not like the new design, there are many new applications that Boston Interactive Agencies can benefit from, one of the most beneficial being the new Engagement Advertisements.

The significance of Facebook’s ‘Engagement Advertisements’ :

Everyone’s talking about the new Facebook. Students are ranting and raving about it across campuses. Other users either love it or hate it. But what do marketers think? How does the new Facebook impact them?

The new Facebook offers marketing tools that encourage brands to engage consumers through social marketing techniques. Companies looking to advertise on a social networking site that will effectively reach a target audience should check out Facebook’s ‘Engagement Advertisements.’ There are three ways to post an ad using the ‘Engagement Advertisement’ method. These ad categories are comment style ads, virtual gifts style ads and fan style ads. Each of these ad styles are designed to attract and engage customers through social interaction. Research shows that in order to engage potential consumers on a social networking site, brands must become involved in the community and social exploration.

Here in Massachusetts, Boston Public Relations Firms, Boston Advertising Agencies and Boston Branding Firms are interested in Facebook’s marketing tools and how they can use these tools for their clients. They want to help clients break into the social networking community and engage users in companies’ advertisements. In the era of Web 2.0 and Public Relations 2.0, it is increasingly important for companies to find alternative ways to cut through the clutter of content on the Internet.

This new Facebook advertising strategy offers unique ways for brands to connect and involve clients. But before marketers can succeed, they need to understand the world of social marketing. With the help of Boston Marketing Specialists, groups can understand social marketing and connect with clients on a mutual platform. Companies that work with a Boston Branding Firm, are able to meet with marketing professionals and learn how to use new social marketing tools to their advantage.

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