Monday, September 29, 2008

Using RSS Feeds

Real Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0) is a group of Web feed formats used to disseminate regularly updated works (blog entries, headlines, audio, and video) in a standardized format to mass amounts of people. It is an important component of Web 2.0, as it is an innovative way to reach a mass audience through the Internet.

An RSS feed usually includes full or summarized text, authorship and publishing dates. RSS benefits readers who want updates from websites or to aggregate feeds from different sites into one place. RSS allows publishers to syndicate information quickly. These information feeds use a standardized XML format, so information can be published once and viewed by several different programs.

RSS is a significant new media topic for Boston Marketing Agencies. Marketing specialists should guide clients on the value of RSS feeds. It is a great way for companies to broadcast new information to an interested audience quickly. Additionally, RSS feeds allow people to track users’ interests. Companies can see what content users want to know about and use that knowledge to their advantage.

Boston Marketing Agencies and Boston Public Relations Firms use RSS feeds in different ways for their clients. Boston marketing professionals guide companies on the use of RSS feeds for their websites and blogs. These feeds can notify subscribers of new additions to a website and new information regarding the company. Businesses that want to track their name in the news can subscribe to a universal RSS feed where the keyword is the company name. This allows businesses to keep track of their presence on the Internet. Boston Branding Agencies are also employing this use of RSS for their clients as a brand management tool.

RSS feeds create several opportunities for companies to connect with their audiences.

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